Session Etiquette

These simple rules are key to a mutually pleasurable experience. Whether you are a newbie, or a seasoned  gentleman, I invite you to take the time to read through this page in it's entirety. Please understand that I strive to ensure the safety and comfort of my guests, so your willingness to abide is essential.

Thank you in advance.


Cleanliness (Is Next To.....)


A shower is always offered to my guests at the begining of each session, before our time begins.


My studio is stocked with unscented soaps, and lotions  for your convenience


Please take the time to freshen up  *Use mouthwash, wash your hands*. Bare in mind, we will be getting to know eachother rather closely.


I am a woman with heightened senses, and I am somewhat sensitive to odors, and heavy cologne. I appreciate a fresh, clean body without distractions.




All sessions are by appointment only. Please do not show up without an appointment even if we have met before.Please schedule via email or by phone.


Please Do not attempt to schedule by text if we have not met before.


I do not answer blocked calls.


Same day appointments are available for repeat guests, or those whose are willing to offer pertinant information that will help for faster screening. Of course this is always at my discrection. However Advance scheduling is my preference.



Please refer to the scheduling page, for information on my screening methods


Our Time...


Please call upon arrival before coming to my door, Every time!


Please kindly leave the donation in  the appointed area at the begining the session.


Please allow me to guide you through our time together. I work inuitively and cannot give my best if someone else is attempting to dictate the flow.


Follow my lead and trust  my skilled hands.


I do not offer any Fetish/BDSM sessions. There are so many wonderful ladies who enjoy fulfilling these fantasies for you though!


Please do not arrive intoxicated, or I will ask you to leave immediately.


Be a gentleman and you will be richly rewarded....