Hello Friends

By guest, May 5 2014 06:43AM

Welcome to my first blog post. Adding this to my site has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Here you will find news, fun and travel plans so you can stay up to date with my availability.

With the Holiday season now offically in full swing, I would like to extend my specials until the first of the year. I have many travel plans for the month of December so connecting could be a challenge. So extending my special is my way of saying Thanks for your patience, as well as....I just think you deserve it!

As of now my Travel plans are as follows

Out Of Town

Dec 1st - 4th /My birthday weekend (Dec 3!)

Dec 9th - 11th

Dec 15th - 18th

Dec 22nd - 27th

But there are still plenty of days in between for passion fuled adventures! Don't hesitate to inquire about possibilities.