Is there anything sweeter than these hours of love,

when we are together, and my heart races?

For what is better than embracing and fondling

when you visit me and we surrender to delights?


Dearest friends, and inquiring minds,

  I am so very pleased to offer a deeper  level of intimate adventures for us to share.

I love building, and playing with mutual chemistry. I lust after the steamy, visual memories of our time together. I desire nothing more than authentic connections, as I know no other way to be…

My affectionate nature is sincere, my curosity about people is genuine, and my sensual appetite is wildly insatiable.

What an honor it is to be able to share all these beautiful traits with you.

 I am highly selective with whom I share my time in the capacity, and hope to co create lasting friendships, as well as sweet memories…

Do you dream of me like I dream of you?






60 min: 450


2 hour:900


Extended Dates  

3hour: 1200(1500 travel)

6hour:2000 (2400 travel)

12-14hr/Overnight: 3200**



(2000 each aditional day)



**Overnights and longer dates inculde all expenses/airfare paid by my host. A deposit is also required when scheduling extendeded engagements.

Grandfathered donations may apply.




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